Personal protection when using an electric drill

Source: Yongkang ChanGe Power Tools Co.,LtdRelease time: 2021-05-26

Personal protection when using an electric drill

1. Wear a protective mask when working face up. Wear protective glasses when drilling holes in pig iron castings to protect your eyes.

2. The bit holder should be properly installed.

3. The drill bit is in a hot state during operation, so be careful to burn your skin.

4. When drilling a hand-held electric drill with a diameter of 12mm or more, a pistol drill with a side handle should be used.

5. Standing on a ladder or working at a high place, measures should be taken for falling from a high place, and the ladder should be supported by people on the ground.

Matters needing attention before operation

1. Confirm whether the power supply connected to the site matches the nameplate of the electric drill. Whether there is a leakage protector connected.

2 The drill bit and the holder should be adapted and properly installed

3. Make sure that the switch on the electric drill is in the locked state, otherwise the electric drill will turn unexpectedly when the plug is inserted into the power socket, which may cause the danger of personal injury.

4. If the work site is far away from the power source and the cable needs to be extended, use a qualified extension cable with sufficient capacity. If the extension cable passes through the pedestrian aisle, it should be elevated or take measures to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.

The correct operation method of electric drill

1. Drilling holes in metal materials should first be used to punch the hole at the drilled position.

2. When drilling larger holes, drill through with a small drill in advance, and then use a large drill to drill the hole.

3. Cooling measures can be taken when drilling holes in metal for a long time to keep the drill bit sharp.

4. It is strictly forbidden to clean the drill cuttings generated by drilling by hand, and use special tools to clean the cuttings.